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Property Tax Changes in Victoria – The Final Straw..?

Welcome to our comprehensive analysis of Victoria’s latest property tax changes that became effective at the beginning of 2024. This…

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Proposed Increase to Foreign Resident Capital Gains Withholding Tax

Australia’s tax landscape is witnessing a significant change with the proposed increase to the Foreign Resident Capital Gains Withholding Tax…

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Redraw vs Offset – Implications for Aussie Expats

One of the most crucial aspects of a financial plan for many Australian expats is getting the debt structuring right.…

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Victorian Budget 2023-24 – Implications for Australians and Australian Expat Property Investors

The Victorian State Budget for 2023-24 has introduced significant changes to the Land Tax and Absentee Surcharges. These changes have…

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Cairns to Lift Rates for Property Investors

The Cairns Regional Council has announced that they would be imposing a targeted increase in rates for property investors from…

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Queensland Shelves Proposed Land Tax Reforms

In welcome news to both property investors and renters, the Queensland State Government has announced that they have decided to…

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Queensland Land Tax Set for Shake Up in 2023

An important change to the way Land Tax is calculated has been announced for Queensland and will come into effect…

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Main Residence Exemption Denied for Aussie Expats

The Main Residence Exemption (MRE) has officially been scrapped for Australian expats and other non-residents that own property in Australia.…

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New South Wales Stamp Duty Changes

Residential property is often a key element of investment portfolios for most Australians, and as the largest asset class in…

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Victoria Stamp Duty Changes for Investors & Homebuyers

The 2020 Victorian State Budget has been a positive one for homebuyers, providing many with an opportunity to get into…

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Are You Saving More During The Pandemic

­Coronavirus has had a huge impact on our way of life, and how we spend our money is a big…

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