General questions about financial planning for Australian residents and Australian expats

What does a financial planner do?

A financial planner should be a trusted professional who provides ongoing assistance to you and your family. They will develop a plan to assist you in meeting your financial and lifestyle goals.  The plan should take a holistic approach to your financial wellbeing and might initially involve issues such as budgeting, superannuation and personal insurances

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Why is it important to seek expert financial advice?

Financial matters require expert advice in the same way that you would seek professional advice for legal or taxation issues.  A professional financial planner will assist you in navigating the complexities of the financial landscape while also alerting you to opportunities to help you reach your goals. For example, the set of complexities involved for a

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Do you interact with other professionals such as my accountants & lawyers?

Yes.  We have trusted professionals in our network who we refer to for their specialist advice.  This includes tax, accounting, business advisory, lending and legal services.  Where appropriate we refer our clients to professionals in other fields to ensure that they’re receiving the best possible advice across all services. Our clients are not obliged to

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“I already have a stockbroker; do I also need a financial planner?”

Stockbrokers generally specialise in providing investment advice – for example, they might provide you with advice on an appropriate share portfolio, or upcoming capital raisings, or speculative investment opportunities.  A financial planner’s role is to take a holistic approach to your financial position and to develop a plan that aims to achieve your goals.  This

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“I already have an accountant, do I also need a financial planner?”

Accountants generally specialise in taxation and business advisory matters but many are not qualified to provide full financial advice, and even less qualified and experienced in providing financial advice to Australian expats.  As financial planners and accountants specialise and focus on different areas, we would recommend utilising the services of both to ensure that you’re

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