Frequently asked questions about Australian expat tax and Australian expat financial planning

What happens once I’ve moved back to Australia?

At Ally, we have quite a number of clients who’ve returned from their time overseas, as well as many Australian resident clients who’ve never lived overseas at all. Upon repatriation, we’ll be considering a full assessment of your financial goals, objectives and strategies to ensure that they remain appropriate for you and that you’re taking

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Can I access my superannuation as an Australian expat?

Generally speaking, the same conditions of release apply to your superannuation fund as if you were living in Australia. Therefore, simply moving abroad does not give you instant access to withdraw your superannuation unless you have met one or more of the conditions of release. If you’re considering commencing a regular pension income from your

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Can I contribute to my Australian superannuation as an Australian expat?

In most cases, unless an employee of the Commonwealth, you will be able to contribute to your Australian superannuation fund as an expat. If you are considered to be an ‘eligible person’, then you may also be able to claim a tax deduction on a concessional superannuation contribution, which could be beneficial if you have

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