When Should You Consider a Trust

A Trust can be an invaluable piece of your estate plan puzzle, particularly if you’re aiming to ensure that the wealth you’ve accumulated goes to the right people for the right purposes. As family dynamics become more complex, families become more global, and our wealth becomes more widespread, it’s important to think about how this

Common Estate Planning Questions Answered

“I won’t be around, so who cares about my assets..” “I’m not rich, why should I even consider having a Will..?” “I just don’t want to think about dying…”   These are all common thoughts and expressions when it comes to tackling and dealing with your Estate Planning needs, but this is certainly not where

Estate Planning Essentials for Australians & Australian Expats

Is having a Will enough? Most people think that so long as they have a Will, they will have a way to ensure that their wealth is passed correctly to your loved ones. However, this is not necessarily the case and this can be true for both Australians at home and Australian expats. The truth

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